Hamilton Island – A Virtual Paradise For Your Eyes


Hamilton Island Australia
If you ask about some of the most amazing holiday destinations across the globe, the Hamilton Island will always be amongst the top ones. This place is a living paradise on earth which is getting considerable attention and emerging as a great tourist enchantment over the world map. A huge influx of tourists comes to visit this enchanting destination each year. It is an idyllic heaven for the lovers and the honeymooners.

Hamilton Island is nestled as a tranquil yet attention grabbing island amongst the pristine Whitsunday Islands. The awesome climatic conditions that spell bound every visitor with their tropical waves. It is a jewel in the crown of Queensland tourism. This is a private gateway for everyone looking for peace, romance, love and grandeur. There are millions of visitors flocking here every year.
Taking about the natural magnificence we can say that almost 70 per cent area of this place is treated as the National Park. The place can be traversed by the walking trails overseeing the innate bushlands, isolated beaches, reefs and amazing lookouts. However these trails are open for a limited period of time every year. The scrumptious dining options are quite cost friendly.
BBC has accredited this place as “places to see before you die” which reflects that popularity chart that it is hitting. This shows 6 kilometres of unspoiled silica sand and turquoise azure blue water. The pearly white sandy beaches make it a white heaven which is a perfect place for the landscape lovers and who love capturing these stunning sights in to their cameras. You can entertain yourself watching some of the unusual marine creatures like dolphins, turtles and other colorful aquatic species.

You can get in to the city by taking any of the direct flights from all the major Australian cities such as Melbourne, Cairns, Sydney, and Brisbane to Hamilton Island. It is quite easy to reach here. The island offers a huge array of fine dine and lodging options ranging from 5 star ones to the 3 star accommodations. You can feel the true heavenly feeling while being in to the secluded beachside bungalows, waterfront resorts and beachside hotels. So this place is all set to give you a freedom to enjoy privacy.

Hence, if you are planning to visit this mesmerizing place you can be there without any difficulties. This place is undoubtedly a real heaven for you and your family. Give all of them a treat that they can treasure for lifetime.

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